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Past 1 A Brief History through Space-n-Time

As a kid, I first saw a mini-computer--the Magnavox Odyssey as a family holiday gift. I thought it strange using static electricity to hold plastic templates on the TV screen to make visual shapes to assign contextual meaning for cursor movement, but PONG was definitely the killer app for the machine. A bit later on I started creating custom animated pixels on the TI 99. I next started drawing on a Macintosh when color displays were just about to appear on the scene. Together with playing drums and enjoying sci-fi, interfacing with computers was a big interest for me in my early years.

Past 2 Go West Young Man, so far West its East!

After moving to Japan, I secured my first design position in 1996 by using my personal homepage to showcase my web skills. I enjoyed the experience of working in the middle ground between Art and Technology when designing with computers and I knew immediately this was a natural fit for me to pursue a career. I then worked with many large clients creating corporate websites in Tokyo until the web bubble burst in the early 2000’s.

Past 3 'Tsall about the User

During slow periods, I kept active with freelance work, start ups and small companies. I eventually found a suitable web designer role at an English School in Tokyo that had its own internal IT department creating customized applications. It was a diverse environment and I was able to work closely with team members, take on new roles and responsibilities, and learn about the latest in software development best practices.

Today the future is bright with countless digital screens being utilized by millions. I'm committed to share what I have learned while always being empathetic of the User Experience. I continue to be inspired creating intuitive interfaces utilizing the latest tools and techniques of this always evolving and thoroughly fascinating digital medium.